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01 | 12 | 2021
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TOPIC: Мозговой штурм 1 - "как создать лекарство от вируса?"

Мозговой штурм 1 - "как создать лекарство от вируса?" 15 Сен 2014 08:37 #211

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О как
And just to give you a sense of how this works, imagine that we took a nasal swab from every single one of you. And this is something we commonly do to look for respiratory viruses like influenza. The first thing we would see is a tremendous amount of genetic information. And if we started looking into that genetic information, we'd see a number of usual suspects out there -- of course, a lot of human genetic information, but also bacterial and viral information, mostly from things that are completely harmless within your nose. But we'd also see something very, very surprising. As we started to look at this information, we would see that about 20 percent of the genetic information in your nose doesn't match anything that we've ever seen before -- no plant, animal, fungus, virus or bacteria. Basically we have no clue what this is.

And for the small group of us who actually study this kind of data, a few of us have actually begun to call this information biological dark matter. We know it's not anything that we've seen before; it's sort of the equivalent of an uncharted continent right within our own genetic information. And there's a lot of it. If you think 20 percent of genetic information in your nose is a lot of biological dark matter, if we looked at your gut, up to 40 or 50 percent of that information is biological dark matter. And even in the relatively sterile blood, around one to two percent of this information is dark matter -- can't be classified, can't be typed or matched with anything we've seen before.

At first we thought that perhaps this was artifact. These deep sequencing tools are relatively new. But as they become more and more accurate, we've determined that this information is a form of life, or at least some of it is a form of life. And while the hypotheses for explaining the existence of biological dark matter are really only in their infancy, there's a very, very exciting possibility that exists: that buried in this life, in this genetic information, are signatures of as of yet unidentified life. That as we explore these strings of A's, T's, C's and G's, we may uncover a completely new class of life that, like Beijerinck, will fundamentally change the way that we think about the nature of biology. That perhaps will allow us to identify the cause of a cancer that afflicts us or identify the source of an outbreak that we aren't familiar with or perhaps create a new tool in molecular biology.

I'm pleased to announce that, along with colleagues at Stanford and Caltech and UCSF, we're currently starting an initiative to explore biological dark matter for the existence of new forms of life.

A little over a hundred years ago, people were unaware of viruses, the forms of life that make up most of the genetic information on our planet. A hundred years from now, people may marvel that we were perhaps completely unaware of a new class of life that literally was right under our noses.

Ну да, эти люди, россияне, и являются стадом баранов.

Мозговой штурм 1 - "как создать лекарство от вируса?" 05 Фев 2021 13:11 #212

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А почему об этой теме не вспомнили за все время общецивилизационного психоза пандемии ? :dontknow:
Человек не может обнаружить новые океаны, если он не имеет смелости потерять из виду берег

Мозговой штурм 1 - "как создать лекарство от вируса?" 05 Фев 2021 13:21 #213

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limarodessa wrote:
А почему об этой теме не вспомнили за все время общецивилизационного психоза пандемии ? :dontknow:

Доценты тупят? :glasses:
Каждому - своё.

Мозговой штурм 1 - "как создать лекарство от вируса?" 05 Фев 2021 13:47 #214

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По тому, что в этой теме выжил лишь подход из пп.43, которой и развивается в другой теме см.пп.215

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