03 | 12 | 2023
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Chess News

Chess News
  1. The path to GM: Vaishali’s steady ascent
    Vaishali Rameshbabu became the third Indian woman player (after Humpy Koneru and Harika Dronavalli) to earn the grandmaster title. Vaishali obtained the title by scoring a win against FM Tamer Tarik Selbes at the 2023 El Llobregat Open. Since his brother Pragganandhaa is also a grandmaster, Vaishali and Pragg became the world’s first-ever brother-sister grandmaster duo! | Photo: ChessBase India
  2. London Classic: Volokitin co-leader, Bartel and Tabatabaei bounce back
    Three decisive results in round 2 of the London Chess Classic left three players tied for first place with 1½ points each. Andrei Volokitin joined round-1 winners Dommaraju Gukesh and Michael Adams in the lead of the event after beating underdog Shreyas Royal with the white pieces. Meanwhile, Mateusz Bartel and Amin Tabatabaei bounced back from their losses on Friday and returned to a fifty-percent score. Gukesh barely escaped with a draw in his game against Nikita Vitiugov. | Photo: Abhyudaya Ram
  3. A knack for problem-solving?
    Welcome to the ChessBase India Winter Chess Solving Championship, an initiative to promote chess composition and creative-logical thinking through chess. This introductory article serves as the curtain-raiser to the event: Satanick Mukhuty give you the rules, the details of the prizes, and the first six of the twelve problems to solve. This is a serious challenge.
  4. Mohammed VI Prize - The players (part 2)
    As described in the article "The Never Ending Saga of Moroccan Chess" (Part 1 and Part 2), the International Prix Mohammed VI tournament had an unfortunate end, as the winners did not receive their prizes. That incident did not take away from the players' efforts and performances, though, as shown here by Diana Mihajlova. | Pictured: Rising star Kevin Michael George with his parents and his coach, GM Bassem Amin
  5. Bishops and passers
    Today some elementary endgame tactics. In the diagram position, the constellation on the kingside with the far advanced pawn h3 secures Black's advantage. But how to exploit this?
  6. London Classic: Gukesh and Adams start with wins
    Dommaraju Gukesh and Michael Adams got off to winning starts at the 13th edition of the London Chess Classic. Gukesh defeated Mateusz Bartel’s French Defence, while Adams showcased his positional virtuosity playing white against Amin Tabatabaei. Both Gukesh and Adams will play black in the second round, against Nikita Vitiugov and Hans Niemann respectively. | Photo: Abhyudaya Ram
  7. FIDE introduces the Gender Equality in Chess Index (GECI)
    The International Chess Federation released the inaugural Gender Equality in Chess Index (GECI), an innovative instrument designed to measure and compare the level of gender equality in chess federations across the globe. The GECI incorporates three indicators of Participation, Performance, and Progress to offer an all-encompassing view of gender parity in chess. This index introduces a comprehensive scoring system ranging from 0 to 100.
  8. Caruana beats Rapport, wins Sinquefield Cup for a third time
    With a final-round win over Richard Rapport, Fabiano Caruana secured tournament victory at the Sinquefield Cup in Saint Louis. This was Caruana’s third victory in this event, as he had previously won it in 2014 (when he famously grabbed seven wins in a row) and in 2018. Sole second place went to Leinier Dominguez, who drew Levon Aronian with the black pieces on Thursday. | Photo: Lennart Ootes
  9. The missing players
    On October 7th, in their brutal attack, Hamas took 240 hostages from Israel. After tough negotiations some of them are being currently released. In world-wide actions people showed their support – including in chess circles. In Savion, Hungarian-Israeli IM Sofia Polgar held a simultaneous exhibition in order to show concern and solidarity. Sofia has sent us a report with some very moving pictures.
  10. Freestyle Super Tournament in Germany - Seven top players challenge Magnus Carlsen
    From 9 to 16 February 2024, the Weissenhaus Private Nature Luxury Resort on the Baltic Sea in Germany will be the venue for a super tournament in "Freestyle Chess", also known as Chess960. Seven world-class players, including world champion Ding Liren and Vincent Keymer, will challenge the G.O.A.T (Greatest of all Times), Magnus Carlsen, in a Chess960 tournament with classical time control.
  11. Hans Niemann dominates Tournament of Peace in Zagreb
    Hans Niemann won the Tournament of Peace in spectacular fashion. The US grandmaster secured tournament victory with a round to spare, but nonetheless checkmated rating favourite Anton Korobov in the final round. Korobov, Ante Brkic and Vasyl Ivanchuk finished in shared second place, a whole 3 points behind the winner. | Photo: Official website
  12. Sinquefield Cup - Live!
    The Sinquefield Cup is taking place on November 21-30 at the World Chess Hall of Fame in Saint Louis. The 9-round classical tournament is the last event in this year’s Grand Chess Tour. It also plays a key role in the fight for the last two spots still up for grabs in the 2024 Candidates Tournament. | Follow the games live with expert commentary starting at 20.00 CET (14.00 ET, 0.30 IST)
  13. Game of the Week #596: F. Caruana vs W. So
    In his Game of the Week show #595, Merijn Van Delft takes a closer look at the marquee matchup between Fabiano Caruana and Wesley So from the Sinquefield Cup in Saint Louis. | Merijn’s show is available on-demand with a ChessBase Premium Account. You can register a Premium account here.
  14. Paulius Pultinevicius - Winner of the Prix Mohammed VI tournament
    The recently published articles "The Never Ending Saga of Moroccan Chess, Part 1" and "Part 2" described the sorry state of Moroccan chess and the unfortunate end of the International Prix Mohammed VI tournament, where the winners did not receive their prizes. This bizarre end of the tournament overshadowed the success of the young Lithuanian GM Paulius Pultinevicius, who won the event convincingly. | Photo: Paulius Pultinevicius after winning the Riga Technical University Open 2022 | Photo: RTU Open Facebook.
  15. Sofia Polgar – Amazing Artist, Dangerous Tactician – 2
    Sofia Polgar's new book is instructive and informative. It is also generously illustrated, with acrylic on canvas paintings by the author. It is published by Russell Enterprises, and makes for an ideal Christmas gift. We have known Sofia since she was a very young girl, and tell you about that in part two of our review 0150 which also includes some of the paintings from the book.
  16. Sofia Polgar – Amazing Artist, Dangerous Tactician – 1
    Occasionally you come across a must-have chess book – here's one that we discovered that makes for an ideal 2023 Christmas present. It is written (and illustrated, with acrylic on canvas paintings!) by Sofia Polgar, the "middle sister" who in 1989 scored 8½ points out of 9 in a GM tournament with a performance rating of 2930 performance. Sofia's book, published by Russell Enterprises, was our pleasure to review.
  17. The exciting world of achievements in Fritz 19
    Playing against Fritz is enjoyable because the program incorporates hidden errors. There could always be a tactical strike against it. However, Fritz 19 adds a new exciting dimension to your games: The hunt for "achievements". There's a competition for 136 different chess achievements, testing your tactical and strategic versatility. And there are rewards for it too.
  18. Interview with a legend
    Raymond Keene OBE is an English chess grandmaster, a FIDE International Arbiter, a chess organiser, and a journalist and author. He won the British Chess Championship in 1971 and was the first player from England to earn a Grandmaster norm, in 1974. In 1976, he became the second Englishman (following Tony Miles) to be awarded the Grandmaster title. Today we reproduce an insightful interview with Keene as it appeared in the current issue of the magazine CHESS.
  19. Chess as literary setting: "Gambit" by Rex Stout
    Albin's Counter Gambit (1.d4 d5 2.c4 e5) has been, and still is, a rare guest at top level tournaments, and is hardly ever seen in the practice of the world champions. The variation is considered theoretically dubious and as an overly aggressive attempt to gain counterplay in the rather solid Queen's Gambit. However, the opening has found its way into literature - in the novel "Gambit" by American crime writer Rex Stout.
  20. First-Ever Chess Map
    World Chess has announced the release of the first-ever chess map of the world, one that blends the intricate worlds of chess and geography. This unique cartographic creation, where continents and places are crafted from chess openings with geographical names, promises to be a collector's delight.
  21. Grand Swiss - Live!
    The FIDE Grand Swiss is taking place on the Isle of Man from October 25 to November 11. An open event and a women’s event are being played concurrently. Both tournaments are 11-round Swiss opens with classical time controls. Each tournament grants two spots in the next edition of the Candidates. | Follow the games live with expert commentary starting at 15.30 CEST (9.30 ET, 19.00 IST) | Photo: chess.com / Maria Emelianova
  22. Coming soon: Fritz 19 World Chess Software Champion
    The new Fritz is coming soon - Fritz 19, the World Chess Software Champion 2023, will be available on 14 November and offers a variety of useful tools. It is a good sparring partner, you can improve your openings by playing against (memorising) your opening repertoire, you can do calculation training for a quick Elo boost and much more.
  23. Chess in Schools
    India is on its way to becoming the biggest super-power in chess. Some of the credit goes to ChessBase India, which has organized a large number of projects to foster this development. CEO Sagar Shah is now on a mission to make chess a subject of the regular school curriculum, not just to generate further champions, but to foster the social and learning skills of students. Currently he is holding a seminar on how to implement chess in schools across entire states. Here are his talking points.
  24. A Chess Nerd uses ChessBase
    Zachary Saine is thechessnerd, a 22-year-old content creator and Twitch streamer. The Canadian is a student at Amsterdam University and is playing in as many European chess tournaments as he can. Zach, as he likes to be called, has chalked up 138 million views on YouTube. Recently we sent him a copy of ChessBase 17 and Mega Database 2023, and he used it to prepare for a game against a higher-rated opponent. The software provided him with radar vision. Here is Zach's video description of how the game went.
  25. The Doctor Chess Artist
    He is an internist, a gastroenterologist at a Berlin hospital. He is also an avid chess player. And a photographer, who founded the Valokulta art group. Dr Jan Wähner has sent us some extraordinary pictures from the 2024 calendar, for which his good friend GM Dr Helmut Pfleger has written the foreword.
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